Monday, January 9, 2017

Take a risk - mixed media canvas by Kasia Bogatko

it's Kasia here with my first project. 

For our first challenge I made this mixed media canvas with my favorite colors.

I've used many elements to create my work - paper straws, molds, metal ornaments, glass cabochons.
To have more interesting structrue I added some beads and art stones.

I really love to use straws. They always look good and are perfect for paint and other medias.

All colors in this project are made with ColourArte Primary Elements.
This pigments are so rich and strong, and are found in all possible colors. 

Thank you and feel free to join our challenge!


  1. Gorgeous as always) i like this colours too) thanks for the great inspiration )?

  2. Это просто нереально круто! Браво!

  3. Это что-то невероятное!

  4. Обалденно! Такая красота и так завораживает! Класс!

  5. Класс! Очень красиво и стильно!


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