Sunday, December 10, 2017

"Tied my love" by Hee Sun Kim

Hello MIXED-MEDIA & art friends! Hee Sun Kim here.
I want to share my work with the our moodboard.

When I saw the moodboard, I remember a long time ago.
It was very intense and painful.
I tied my love so tightly that he could not escape from me.

Look at this!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

December Challenges OVERVIEW!

Добрый день, друзья!
Сегодня прекрасный день, чтобы вдохновить вас! Мы продолжаем радовать обзором заданий от иностранных челлендж блогов и производителей. Он уже расширяется, но если вы знаете интересный блог и не нашли его здесь, обязательно напишите нам:! Желаем вам прекрасного настроения, новых побед и вдохновения каждый день.
Hello friends! 
Today is the perfect day to make you happy!
We want to present you update the monthly review of the challenge from foreign blogs! We try to do the best for you and hope that you will like this. If you have a favorite blog but it was not available in this review, please write to: We wish you inspiration and good mood and nice creativity. 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Canvas "Remember The Now" by Julia Kissel

Привет, дорогие друзья!
Каждый раз смотря на доски вдохновения в нашем блоге я надолго ухожу в фантазии.
Что-то придумываю, потом ухожу от этой мысли, ищу другие пути... 
Это всегда интересно, я обожаю эти моменты поиска)
А бывает, что - раз и всё, ты знаешь, что именно будешь делать.
Так быстро сложилась у меня сегодняшняя работа - панно на деревянной основе по заданию ноября  - November Challenge "Mysterious"

В осеннюю пору ненастья я всегда вспоминаю о летних солнечных днях...
В памяти они немного размыты, уже не такие яркие, но воспоминания приятные и тёплые)
Краски, трещинки и сама палитра  на доске вдохновили меня на дальнейший процесс.

Hello dear friends!
Every time when I look at moodboards on our blog, it always takes me for a long time in fantasy...
I invent something and drop that idea, and then look for other ways...
It's always interesting, I love these moments of searching...)
Though sometimes it happens fast, once and all, you know what exactly you have to create...
So quickly happend with today's project, canvas on a wooden base, for our November "Mysterious" challenge.

In autumn cold storms I always remember summer sunny days ...
They are slightly blurred, not so bright, but the memories are pleasant and warm)
Paints, cracks and moodboard palette inspired me to continue the process of creation...

Изображение девушки переведено на поверхность с помощью трансферной техники.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Art Journal Cover - Smile And Be Happy - By Sharon Ziv

Hi There dear readers! 
We still have some time before Christmas, and Mixed Media and Art has supplied us once again with magnificent mood board. So before everyone is seeing all with red-green or snowy colors, we have the chance to create at least one more different project. 

I was planning on covering my art journal for some quite time now and this challenge seemed like the perfect opportunity. I was influenced by the colors, textures and wanted to create some kind of an ancient stoned window.

For those of you who are interested in the process I have made a step by step tutorial. 
Hope you are being inspired, waiting to see your cool projects! 

You are always welcome to visit me on my 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

First Christmas cards by Anna Wiśniewska

Hello everybody!
It's Anna Wiśniewska with You today, presenting my first Christmas cards this year.
I prepared them inspired by the Moodboard of our

Look at our November Moodboard - isn't it just fabulous?
I love the patterns and the delicate colors and I wanted to give my cards this amazing "Mysterious" mood.

There are some details: