Saturday, May 5, 2018

Deep Inside Challenge - My Mysterious Dragon by Sharon Ziv

Hi Guys! 
It's Sharon and I'm so happy to be here today after a short-long break! I had My sweet third baby girl delivery on the end  of January and had to reorganize my life and come back slowly to my new routine!   So here I am with my April inspiration! The inspiration board is absolutely stunning! I saw the blue and the books and wanted to create this Dragon like in the old books. 
I have to share with you the truth...I believe its more inspiring than just see the finalized project...I started by going with only blue shades...found myself adding more and more layers but something just didn't work for me. then I remembered that the inspiration board has also rust in I started to get crazy with adding alcoholic inks: brown, orange and yellow...and some patina paint and more and more...well I think I slightly forgot a little about the blue I started with. Don't worry! again I added blue layers with sprays and alcoholic ink...a bit of gesso and...DONE!  So any way...that's how it goes right? you never know where you will be finishing. 
Hope you will find it inspiring and come play with us! You are welcome to visit me on my Instagram and YouTube   

April challenge

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