Saturday, January 6, 2018

Mixed Media Layout 'New Year' By Sharon Ziv (noomish)

New Year is HERE! 
It's always so excited to start the year and reflect the one that passed. I will now share with you that I am pregnant, and very soon (very very soon) my little noomish and her brother are going to have a little baby sister!  While waiting for that to happen I still have so many projects to finalize and one of them was to inspire you with mixed media creation for December challenge.  The amazing board was so inspiring BUT I want to share a secret! I was planning to create a mixed media deer and I was not happy with the result...many of you think that when DT member is creating it is probably always perfect! well...NO! But...I used it as the main embellishment in my layout and it was so fun and interesting...I just love it! advise for the new year:  Sometimes mistake are a great way to achieve something new and maybe even better than the one we planned.

Hope you will be inspired and enjoy the tutorial as well

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Sharon Ziv, noomish

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